Five new parklets and curbside patios coming to Vancouver this summer

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      The City of Vancouver today announced the introduction of five new parklets and curbside patios.

      As part of a pilot study, the areas have been created to encourage community gathering. Designed and built by local designers, the parklets create public social spaces, while the curbside patios—which will be private spaces operated by adjacent businesses—will offer seating and table service. Both areas will utilize existing on-street parking,

      The new spaces are:

      • Pride Place Parklet (in partnership with Los Amigos Taqueria). Adjacent to the upcoming curbside patio at Stepho’s restaurant. Located at 1118 Davie Street, in the West End.

      • 5896 Fraser Street Parklet (in partnership with the South Hill Business Improvement Association and Tim Hortons). Includes an on-street mural created by John Oliver Secondary School students. Located in the 700-block of West 43rd Avenue, Sunset.

      • 530 Robson Street Parklet (in partnership with Japadog). Will serve to widen the sidewalk and create a community gathering space. Located at 530 Robson Street, Downtown.

      • Stepho’s Curbside Patio. Located at 1124 Davie Street, in the West End, next to the Pride Place parklet.

      • PumpJack Curbside Patio: Created with modular decking and railings, this patio will complement the neighbourhood’s burgeoning patio culture. Located at 1167 Davie Street, West End

      “Born out of the desire to create more space outdoors for eating and relaxation, parklets and curbside patios reimagine parking spots into welcoming spaces to unwind, and interact with your neighbours,” says Margaret Wittgens, Director of Public Space and Street Use. “Each of these innovative public spaces are designed and built by locals, resulting in unique and memorable experiences throughout the city.”

      The city’s parklet and cubside patio program is now in its second year, and local businesses are invited to apply online for a parklet, curbside patio, or extended patio hours. For more information on the Viva pilot program, please see