Former mayoral candidate wins bid for indigent status so he can proceed with lawsuit against Gregor Robertson

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      When Meynard Aubichon ran for mayor of Vancouver with the Stop Party in 2014, he attracted 508 votes.

      Aubichon, whose birth name is Matthew Michael Bristo, didn't succeed in halting Mayor Gregor Robertson's political career as the incumbent collected a record 83,529 votes.

      But now, Aubichon is once again taking on Robertson—this time in B.C. Supreme Court.

      On June 28, the Regal Place Hotel resident succeeded with his "indigent application".

      This means that his court fees are being waived in his conflict-of-interest lawsuit against the mayor.

      In a phone interview with the Georgia Straight, Aubichon said he's alleging that Robertson has "gone too far" in using his influence.

      The former mayoral candidate also claimed that Robertson and his Vision Vancouver councillors "were too close to developers".

      "He thinks he owns communities," Aubichon declared.

      None of his claims have been proven in court and Robertson hasn't yet filed a statement of defence.

      Watch this video of Meynard Aubichon explaining his mayoral platform on Shaw TV in 2014.

      Aubichon was in the news in 2016 after he was charged with assaulting a bus driver on the 99-B line.

      He insisted to the Straight that this incident was misreported by the media, and that he was "framed".

      "I've proved it that the bus driver actually hit me first," Aubichon said. "He got off and hit me with a cane...and every paper reported it wrong. As soon as you google me, that's the first thing that comes up."

      In the end, Aubichon pleaded guilty to the lesser offence of causing a disturbance.

      He's put all this behind him now as he prepares for his next run for mayor of Vancouver.

      But he's put a stop to the Stop Party. This time, he's hoping to appear on the ballot as a candidate for the Weed Party.

      In 2014, he was a strong advocate for term limits for municipal politicians, and his view hasn't changed four years later.

      "I've known Gregor for years," Aubichon acknowledged. "Don't get me wrong. The city wouldn't be the same without Gregor, but they've just been there too long."

      In 2014, Meynard Aubichon debated another mayoral candidate, Tim Ly, on Shaw TV.