Coquitlam senior in wheelchair says taxi company left her waiting in the rain for three hours

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      The Bel-Air Taxi website says it's been providing "fast, friendly, reliable service for over 40 years".

      But that's not the sentiment of a woman in a wheelchair, who had to wait more than three hours in the rain for a cab on Canada Day.

      Merle Smith told CBC News that she called Bel-Air around 8:30 p.m.

      That's because she knew there would be large crowds heading toward Town Centre Park for a fireworks show scheduled for later that night.

      She claimed that the dispatcher told her the taxi would be there in 15 to 20 minutes.

      Eventually, she was joined by Coquitlam mayor Richard Stewart, who posted a photo on Facebook as Smith was waiting for a taxi that could accommodate a wheelchair.

      He told CBC Radio that Smith and her sister were shivering in the cold as medical teams monitored them.

      The mayor revealed in his post that Bel-Air Taxi has been granted licences for "multiple wheelchair-accessible cabs".

      "I know you don't like using them, but this isn't acceptable," Stewart stated in his post.

      In an update later that night, Stewart revealed that a cab finally arrived. 

      Then he tartly noted that the last time this company came to council, it was to argue against Uber.

      This morning, Stewart told CBC's Early Edition show that a taxi showed up just after midnight.

      He also said that he wants to invite the company to speak to council.

      In the interview, Stewart raised the issue of Bel-Air's business licence, but acknowledged that the city's regulatory powers could be limited because taxis are licensed by the province.