Fire breaks out in Topanga Cafe building in Vancouver's Kitsilano neighbourhood

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      A popular 40-year-old Cal-Mex restaurant is at the centre of a three-alarm blaze on West 4th Avenue.

      The Topanga Cafe is on the south side of a long Kitsilano block between Macdonald and Bayswater streets.

      The cause of the fire is unknown at this point.

      Billowing smoke is visible from various parts of the city.

      Sindy Zelezen

      CBC reporter Tina Lovgreen is on the scene and tweeted the video below.

      Former Los Angeles resident Helen Zallen and her three sons opened the Topanga Cafe in 1978 because they couldn't find any Cal-Mex food in Vancouver.

      According to the restaurant's website, Albert Waldron has been the main cook since 1980.

      In 2007, a staff member, Andrew Pyatt, bought the Topanga Cafe.

      It attracts large crowds in part because its prices are more affordable than many other eateries on the West Side.

      The block is home to several other businesses, including Linh Cafe, Darby's Public House, Darby's Liquor Store, Jolly's Indian Bistro, and a Starbucks.


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