Two Metro Vancouver men sentenced after large-scale fentanyl lab bust

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      Delta police announced on July 10 that two men have been charged in a case involving one of the largest fentanyl-conversion laboratories in Canada.

      After a police investigation began in South Delta in 2015, Surrey's Scott Pipping and Delta's Adam Summers were arrested in March 2016.

      Delta Police worked with the Lower Mainland RCMP Emergency Response Team, the RCMP Clandestine Laboratory Enforcement and Recovery Team, Burnaby and Richmond RCMP, and the Burnaby Fire Department and HAZMAT team.

      Police, using search warrants at three locations in Burnaby, Richmond, and Surrey, uncovered over $1.5 million in cash, nine firearms, and over 4.5 kilograms of cocaine, 12 kilograms of heroin, over 45,000 oxycodone or oxycontin pills, over one kilogram of methamphetamine, and 125 kilograms of fentanyl analog, as well as W-18.

      The investigation also involved shutting down a fentanyl lab in a Burnaby apartment where fentanyl was combined with a cutting agent, and altered to appear and smell like heroin.

      Both Pipping and Summers plead guilty to a combined total of 17 charges, including trafficking a controlled substance, possession for purposes of trafficking, and restricted or prohibited firearms possession.

      On June 29, 36-year-old Pipping was sentenced to 15 years in prison while 28-year-old Summers received a five-year sentence.