Woman objects to family being asked for identification at their townhouse swimming pool

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      A Surrey woman believes racism is at the root of a disturbing incident that occurred on her own property.

      Guerda Henry revealed on her Facebook page that a caretaker demanded to see ID when the family used the swimming pool in their townhouse complex.

      "Never in my life did I thought we'd be profiled at our own home," she stated. "We've all seen the videos circulating and are disgusted. Let me tell you, the feeling is 12 times worst when it actually happens to you."

      She noted that she loves the neighbourhood and this action isn't a reflection of everyone who lives there.

      But she also declared that nobody else was asked to show ID.

      This was the second time it occurred.

      The family bought a unit in the complex because they thought the kids would enjoy the amenities.

      "Racism still exists and people need to be aware," Henry wrote. "I hope my kids won't have to witness this nonsense again."

      Henry is from the Bahamas, according to her Facebook page. 

      Since blowing the whistle, she's receiving tremendous support on social media, including the message below from Spice Radio host and Georgia Straight contributor Gurpreet Singh.