Wai Young promises free parking after 8 p.m. if elected Vancouver mayor

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      Wai Young is promising more free parking if she becomes the next mayor of Vancouver.

      Young announced Wednesday (August 1) that parking will be free from 8 p.m. under her administration.

      The pledge supplements the vow she made when she launched her campaign on June 21 that she will eliminate paid parking on Sundays.

      Parking meters currently run from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. seven days a week.

      Rates vary for daytime and evening parking.

      For Young, free parking after 8 p.m. is a form of reducing taxes.

      “In conjunction with free parking on Sundays, this policy will make Vancouver more accessible in the evenings and on Sundays for people to pursue diverse activities, improving and giving greater opportunities for small businesses in the City,” Young said in a media release.

      It’s a car-friendly measure that builds on one of Young’s slogans, which is “free the roads”.

      Young has previously vowed to scrap bike lanes at Cambie Bridge, Kitsilano Beach, and on West 10th Avenue, and build no more bike lanes.

      Young is a former Vancouver South Conservative MP.