Has Donald Trump Jr. returned to British Columbia to kill more animals?

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      The trade dispute between Canada and the Trump administration shows no sign of cooling down.

      But that hasn't appeared to have stopped Donald Trump Jr. from paying another visit to Canada.

      So why do I say this?

      Check out his Twitter feed, which contains a cryptic message from August 9.

      It simply says "Mountain time. See you in a week."

      If you look closely at the photograph below, you'll see that it says "Alkan" on the plane.

      It's an Alkan Air flight that Donald Trump Jr. has tweeted about.
      Donald Trump Jr.

      Alkan Air is a Canadian charter company that flies passengers to British Columbia and the Yukon.

      On its website, Alkan states that it's able to meet the needs of wilderness and big game outfitters—i.e., the guys who take rich Americans into the woods to shoot animals.

      But why would Trump Jr. be in B.C. rather than Yukon?

      The answer can be found in the words "Mountain time".

      All of Yukon is on Pacific Time.

      But as the map below shows, parts of southeastern and mideastern B.C. are in the Mountain time zone. (Blue is Pacific whereas the violet and magenta areas are in the Mountain time zone.)

      Put two and two together and the only logical conclusion is that Trump Jr. is in the violet or magenta areas of B.C., which is prime hunting territory—if Alkan Air only flies to Yukon and B.C., as its website suggests.

      Since coming to power last year, the B.C. NDP government has banned the execution of grizzly bears, so the president's son had better be careful not to bag one of these creatures. That would be against the law.

      But there are lots of other animals for him to track down without incurring the wrath of conservation officials.

      Nowadays, Trump Jr. and his brother Eric don't post photos on Twitter of their kills.

      But back in 2012, they weren't so shy about posing for the cameras.