Vancouver, Burnaby, and North Vancouver have majority of Top 10 crash intersections in Lower Mainland

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      This week, I wrote a column questioning whether ICBC is discriminating against newcomers to B.C. with a plan to ding them with higher insurance rates for three years.

      Immigrants can't obtain citizenship until after this period of higher rates expires, so the NDP government doesn't have to worry about these people voting against them in the next election.

      So far, ICBC hasn't produced any data showing that people who've moved to B.C. are more likely to have accidents than other groups, such as young drivers, males, or people living in certain areas of the province.

      Here's how ICBC is justifying this move: these new drivers "represent a higher risk for the first few years of driving...due to changes in landscape and environmental factors".

      One reader responded that the high-crash locations are in Surrey and Richmond, which are home to many immigrants.

      That made me curious. Was he right?

      Well, no. Not even close, according to ICBC statistics. 

      Below, you can see a list of the Top 10 crash intersections in the Lower Mainland in 2016. Richmond isn't mentioned even once.

      1. Knight Street and Knight Street Bridge and Southeast Marine Drive, including the onramp and offramp. (Vancouver)

      2. Boundary Road and Grandview Highway, including the onramp onto the highway. (Burnaby and Vancouver)

      3. Brunette Avenue and its onramp and offramp and the Trans-Canada Highway. (Coquitlam and New Westminster)

      4. 88 Avenue and King George Boulevard. (Surrey)

      5. 264 Street and 56 Avenue, including onramps and offramps, and Trans-Canada Highway and the turning lane. (Langley)

      6. Boundary Road and Kingsway. (Burnaby and Vancouver)

      7. Bowser Avenue and Capilano Road, including the offramp and onramp, and the Trans-Canada Highway and its turning lane. (North Vancouver)

      8. Trans-Canada Highway and Willingdon Avenue, including the offramp and onramp, and the emergency lane and turning lane. (Burnaby)

      9. Broadway Street and Mary Hill Bypass. (Port Coquitlam)

      10. East 25th Street and Lonsdale Avenue onramps and offramps and Trans-Canada Highway. (North Vancouver)

      Last year, ICBC, TransLink, Transport Canada, and the City of Vancouver collaborated on major changes to enhance safety at the intersection of Knight Street and Southwest Marine Drive. So don't expect it to top future lists.