Which retro jersey should the Vancouver Canucks bring back?

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      Today is the last day of voting for those hoping to make their voice heard on what the Vancouver Canucks should look like during their 50th anniversary season.

      The team is holding a fan vote to decide which of its former threads will be donned by the likes of Bo Horvat, Brock Boeser and Elias Pettersson during select nights of the 2019-2020 season. 

      How you cast your ballot almost entirely depends on how old you are and how you remember the various iterations of the Canucks squads that played in each of the jerseys.

      Here’s a refresher on the options and what kind of demographic is likely to cast a vote for each look (with a stick tap to S7Dsn on Twitter). 

      The Flying V

      Advocates: Gen-Xers, first-wave Canucks fans, Stan Smyl enthusiasts

      This will hit home for some older Canucks fans who were there when a ragtag squad secured the first Canucks’ first trip to the Stanley Cup Final.

      But for other generations, the 1982 Stanley Cup run isn’t treated with the same lore as the ’94 effort, nor is it looked back at with pangs of regret like 2011. Mostly, it’s been lost to the annals of history and this logo isn’t exactly a popular one at games or around town.

      The Skate

      Advocates: Older millennials, second-generation Canucks fans, Kirk McLean truthers

      The fact that we just happen to think this is the best Canucks logo and jersey probably has everything to do with demographics. We can’t, for instance, tell you with complete objectivity that this is obviously the best logo in the Canucks cadre.

      We would, however, just invite you to go through that old memory bank and let us know if you remember seeing more Skate jerseys (and hats and shirts) around town than any other emblem on this list. Yeah, we thought so.

      One unfortunate downside to supporters of this jersey? They’re usually of the uninformed opinion that Kirk McLean was the best goaltender to ever don a Canucks sweater.

      The Original Orca

      Advocates: Younger millennials, West Coast Express fans, Todd Bertuzzi apologists

      For many Canucks fans, this jersey was the first experience they had with the team actually being good. Of course, for others there’s only this

      The original Orca had the West Coast Express and the baby Sedins, yes. But it also had the Messier debacle. And then there’s the fact that it’s really not much different from the team’s current look.


      It has to be the Skate, right? (Again, this opinion probably has everything to do with when we were born.)

      Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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