Jagmeet Singh expresses deep disappointment in Andrew Scheer for refusing to denounce MP Maxime Bernier

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      The man who wants to be the next MP for Burnaby South has blasted the federal Conservative leader for not disavowing controversial tweets by MP Maxime Bernier.

      NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh has tweeted that he's "deeply disappointed" in Andrew Scheer for not denouncing "these divisive comments" of his Quebec MP and party leadership rival.

      "Children of diverse backgrounds across Canada pick up on these messages," Singh stated. "Right now, they need to hear that their country wants more of themselves, not less."

      Earlier this week, Bernier criticized Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's "extreme multiculturalism and cult of diversity", claiming it will "divide us into little tribes".

      Bernier purported that more diversity will destroy what made Canada a great country.

      Singh replied: "More diversity will not destroy what it means to be Canadian—it is foundational to who we are, it is a fundamental Canadian value."

      He also declared  that "Canada's identity is based on inclusion, and our unyielding belief in lifting each other up in response to attempts to divide us."