The Vancouver Canucks won't be on NBC this year

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      There are two factors that usually get an NHL team exposure on U.S. broadcaster NBC’s television schedule: location and success.

      Teams in big markets—especially those in Original Six cities—like Chicago, New York and Boston are always well represented in NBC’s lineup.

      Likewise, teams that promise to be good, such as the Tampa Bay Lightning this year, typically show up more than a few times.

      NBC and NBCSN will air 109 NHL games this season; apparently the most since it acquired the league's U.S. broadcast rights in 2005.

      The network is also spinning the same story about “diversity” this year. Executive producer and president of production for NBC Sports Sam Flood said “We are touching Canada in a way we never have before.”

      Apparently that touch doesn’t extend to Vancouver.

      The Canucks and the Ottawa Senators are the two teams that won’t be showcased on any NBC games this year. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise—the Canucks haven’t been on the network much, if at all, since 2012.

      However, we can’t help but think some viewers—especially in the U.S.—will lament not having the chance to eye Minnesota native Brock Boeser and his goal scoring prowess.

      Here’s a breakdown of how many games each NHL club will have on the network, courtesy of ESPN’s Greg Wyshynski

      Pacfic Division2018-192017-18
      Anaheim Ducks84
      Arizona Coyotes21
      Calgary Flames20
      Edmonton Oilers73
      Vegas Golden Knights95
      Los Angeles Kings512
      San Jose Sharks 86
      Vancouver Canucks   
      Central Division  
      Chicago Blackhawks1917
      Colorado Avalanche 61
      Dallas Stars   12
      Minnesota Wild      1112
      Nashville Predators     127
      St. Louis Blues 1010
      Winnipeg Jets  50
      Atlantic Division  
      Boston Bruins 1415
      Buffalo Sabres57
      Detroit Red Wings  612
      Florida Panthers    11
      Montreal Canadiens  18
      Ottawa Senators      01
      Tampa Bay Lightning    126
      Toronto Maple Leafs   63
      Metropolitan Division  
      Carolina Hurricanes  11
      Columbus Blue Jackets21
      New Jersey Devils21
      New York Islanders    11
      New York Rangers     1414
      Philadelphia Flyers   1716
      Pittsburgh Penguins    1516
      Washington Capitals     1815