Stanley Cup visits Humboldt Broncos crash site and spends a few days touring Saskatchewan

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      Humboldt, Saskatchewan, is more than 3,100 kilometres from Washington D.C., the current home of Lord Stanley of Preston's annual award for champions of the National Hockey League. But that didn't stop the Stanley Cup's keeper, Philip Pritchard, from taking the trophy to the site where 16 members of Saskatchewan's Humboldt Broncos hockey team lost their lives in a bus crash in April 2018.

      "#StanleyCup visits Humboldt Broncos memorial site," Pritchard wrote on social media today (August 24). "While their Stanley Cup dreams went unfulfilled, we thought we’d bring Stanley to them. God Bless RIP Saskatchewan highway intersection #35 & #335) @NHL @HockeyHallFame @HumboldtBroncos #HumboldtStrong."

      The Stanley Cup is spending a few days in Saskatchewan. In addition to the site of the accident, it's been available for members of the public to visit and has gone to several notable community members' homes, including the family home of Chandler Stephenson.

      Stephenson wears number 18 for the Washington Capitals but calls Saskatoon his hometown

      "We always imagined making it to the NHL, but never to win a Stanley Cup and have it at the house," Stephenson's brother, Colton, said quoted in an article at "We never got that far in our dreams.

      Jamie Brockman, the Humboldt Broncos' team president, told CBC News that the town appreciates the Stanley Cup's visit.

      "The community is looking to move forward here," Brockman said. "This is another step today."

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