Langley woman pushes for provincewide ban on smoking in multi-unit buildings

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      It's often said that a man's home is his castle. But what if the secondhand smoke from that piece of real estate wafts into the apartment next door?

      A Langley woman, Naomi Goffman, has decided that enough is enough. So she's launched an online petition to push Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Selina Robinson to ban smoking in all multi-unit dwellings in B.C.

      "It has been a significant concern for us since we discovered the issue on our move in day," Goffman writes on the website, "but since getting pregnant and now having a 3 month old baby in our home, we aren't willing to be silent and take it anymore.

      "We have decided instead to take action to get laws in place to secure our daughter's health!"

      She notes on the petition that the risk of sudden infant death syndrome increases if there's exposure to secondhand smoke.

      She also claims to have tried to seal every crack, opened windows, used fans, and avoided rooms where smoke has seeped into her unit.

      "We've tried approaching the neighbour who smokes," Goffman adds. "We've also lodged multiple complaints to the strata asking for them to help address the issue. But all of our attempts that been unsuccessful to date." 

      Smoking has been banned on ferries, in restaurants and bars, and on Vancouver beaches. It's also prohibited in common areas in Goffman's building.

      However, she writes that this "made our situation worse as now the neighbour smokes only inside his suite (instead of on the balcony) and so it comes up through the walls/fixtures even more".