B.C. in midst of second-worst wildfire season just one year after more than 1,200 square kilometres burned

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      This year there have been nearly 2,000 wildfires in B.C., covering more than 945 square kilometres.

      That makes this the second-worst year on record, only eclipsed by the more than 1,200 square kilometres that burned in 2017.

      The hardest hit region this year is the Northwest Fire Centre, which has seen nearly 540,000 hectares burn as of August 25.

      Next worst is the Prince George Fire Centre where more than 140,000 hectares have been scarred by fires.

      In 1958, the province lost 835,850 hectares to wildfires, a record that stood for nearly 60 years.

      This video shows the effects of the horrible B.C. wildfire season of 1958.

      But with higher average summer temperatures and less moisture in the soil as a result of changing precipitation patterns, there are fears that the last two years of wildfires are an omen of things to come if humans don't sharply reduce greenhouse gas emissions.