East Vancouver road-rage incident: irate man attacked vehicle with tool

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      A road-rage incident in East Vancouver caught on video involved a furious man damaging another driver's vehicle.

      According to the Vancouver Police Department, officers responded around 3:45 p.m. on August 30, Vancouver police to a report about a road-rage incident between two drivers near East 33rd Avenue and Fraser Street in the Riley Park neighbourhood.

      One of the drivers allegedly cut off another car, which led to an argument between the two drivers when they stopped at a traffic light.

      A 53-year-old driver of a white pick-up truck emerged from his vehicle with a tool in his hand and approached a 62-year-old driver in a green van.

      The two continued yelling at each other until the truck driver used his tool to smash the headlight of the green van, before getting back into his truck and driving away.

      A video of the incident was uploaded online, which captures the truck driver spitting on the van driver and yelling expletives, insults, and homophobic slurs.

      Police have identified both drivers and neither of the men wanted any further involvement with police.

      No charges have been recommended and Const. Jason Doucette confirmed that no one was injured.

      East 33rd Avenue and Fraser Street