David Eby's back on Twitter just in time for a recall campaign in Vancouver–Point Grey

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      Prior to the 2017 B.C. election, Vancouver–Point Grey NDP MLA David Eby was one of the legislature's most effective Twitter users.

      He routinely used this social-media platform to skewer B.C. Liberal kingpin Rich Coleman, as well as then premier Christy Clark.

      In fact, the public-relations company Hill & Knowlton Strategies ranked him second among all MLAs on Twitter.

      But on odd thing happened after the NDP formed the government and he became attorney general.

      Eby's Twitter feed went silent on June 29, 2017.

      Unlike every other cabinet minister, Eby was refusing to use this tool to communicate with the public more than a year after John Horgan added the name "premier" to his résumé.

      Today, however, Eby signalled that this is about to change.

      He's back on Twitter, just as constituents in his Vancouver–Point Grey constituency are planning a recall campaign.

      Under the Recall and Initiative Act,  they can't start the process until 18 months after the last election.

      However, this as-yet undeclared campaign is gathering momentum after single-family home prices in Point Grey plunged more than 12 percent in the first year that the NDP government was in power.

      Eby also has to deal with resentment among progressive constituents over his government's decision to complete the Site C dam.

      In the past, the attorney general's political ally, Vancouver housing activist Justin Fung, has appeared to do the heavy lifting on Twitter when it came to defending Eby.

      But Fung's 2,797 followers are no match for the 16,100 people signed onto @Dave_Eby.

      So Eby's back in the game.

      It's just in time to respond to those blaming him for a dramatic slowdown in the West Side housing market.