Yes Vancouver mayoral candidate Hector Bremner releases "pre-suasive" new video on housing

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      One of my hobbies is deconstructing political videos during election campaigns.

      In the book Pre-suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade, author and marketing expert Robert Cialdini said one of the tricks behind getting people to say "yes" is to lay the proper foundation in advance.

      "Pre-suasion is the practice of getting people sympathetic to your message before they experience it," Cialdini said on PBS in 2016. "It is what you say immediately before you deliver your message that leverages your success tremendously."

      For more on this topic, I recommend the video below.

      In 2016, PBS explored the psychology behind getting someone to say "yes" to a marketing message.

      I thought about "pre-suasion" as I watched a new video today by Yes Vancouver mayoral candidate Hector Bremner.

      It's slick and energetic with an upbeat soundtrack, bright images, and rapid-fire editing. But the key, in my view, is how it makes Bremner and his wife appear to be such sympathetic characters before the real marketing message is experienced.

      It's pre-suasion at a high level. 

      It's only after viewers get to know about Bremner's background as a teenager in poverty do they see the Yes Vancouver candidates.

      The more overtly political pitch—as well as images of Vancouver City Hall and Bremner in the council chamber—only come up near the end of the video.

      Watch Hector Bremner's latest video and see if you agree that it's pre-suasion in action.

      As far as political videos go, I would give this one an A.