North Vancouver realtor faces disciplinary action for threatening another house agent

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      More than four years ago, veteran North Vancouver realtor Trevor Inglis called another house agent.

      It was a female realtor, his co-listing agent for a house on sale.

      Inglis, a realtor since 1986, left a message that said, “So if you really want to get blackballed you’ve gone to the right person because trust me I wield a bigger bat than you do.”

      He didn’t stop at that.

      Inglis continued, “So you’re off my books as far as ever doing a deal.”

      Moreover, Inglis told the female agent, “I will never, ever, ever, process one of your offers ever. So you’re done.”

      Now Inglis is in trouble.

      A discipline hearing committee of the Real Estate Council of B.C. (RECBC) has found that Inglis committed professional misconduct for threatening a fellow realtor.

      And it’s not the only misbehaviour that the committee has established.

      According to the committee’s reasons for decision posted online Wednesday (September 19), the realtor made the threat after the other agent, identified only as PV, complained about an “unusual” offer from a supposed buyer that Inglis gave to her.

      PV consulted her managing broker, and the latter asked for advice from the RECBC, triggering an investigation by the council.

      It turned out that Inglis made alterations to the offer with correction fluid, which the disciplinary committee found to be a case of “deceptive dealing”.

      The committee stated in its reasons that Inglis “fabricated or altered the…Offer in order to create the impression that an offer had been received on the Property”.

      Inglis found the offer to buy on a counter at the house after a home showing in October 2013, and made changes to it because he and his real estate firm were incorrectly indicated as the ones that prepared the offer.

      Inglis saw a business card of another realtor, identified as AW, near the document, and he assumed it was AW who wrote the offer.

      Using whiteout, Inglis removed his name, and replaced it with AW’s.

      However, AW testified before the discipline committee that he did not write such an offer.

      Inglis was informed by letter dated February 14, 2014 that the RECBC is investigating his conduct.

      Six days later, Inglis called his co-listing agent and left a message.

      The committee also found that Inglis committee professional misconduct when he denied to the council that the alterations to the offer were written by him.

      A decision regarding penalty against Inglis will be made at a later date.