Here's the order of names on the Vancouver election ballot

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      Late yesterday, the City of Vancouver drew names to determine the sequence of candidates on this year's election ballot.

      In the past, names have been listed in alphabetical order.

      Some have argued that this favoured those with surnames starting with "A" and "B" because they showed up near the top.

      This year, however, it could be even tougher finding candidates' names precisely because they won't be in alphabetical order.

      That's as a result of votes by city council and the school board.

      Below, you can see the way they will appear. Take note of OneCity council candidate Brandon Yan—he's the only one with his name also written in Chinese characters.

      Two Coalition Vancouver school board candidates, Ken Denike and Sophia Woo, recently launched a legal challenge in response to this.

      Candidates for Mayor

      (One to be elected) 

      • LAMARCHE, Jason
      • HANSEN, Mike
      • YANO, John
      • CHEN, David (ProVancouver)
      • SYLVESTER, Shauna
      • AUBICHON, Maynard
      • BUDAY, Gölök Z
      • STEWART, Kennedy
      • CASSIDY, Sean
      • HARDING, Fred (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • BREMNER, Hector (YES Vancouver)
      • FOGAL, Connie (IDEA Vancouver)
      • YOUNG, Wai (Coalition Vancouver)
      • LE ROUGETEL, Katy
      • KAISER, Sophia Cherryes Kaur
      • LY, Tim
      • MASSEY, Lawrence
      • SIM, Ken (NPA)
      • CHAN, Ping
      • SHOTTHA, Satie 

      Candidates for Councillor

      (Ten to be elected)

      • FRANSON, Marlo
      • BOYLE, Christine (OneCity)
      • BASRA, Nycki (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • DE GENOVA, Melissa (NPA)
      • TAYLOR, Elizabeth (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • CROOK, Adrian
      • FRY, Pete (GREEN)
      • SPARK, John
      • CAUDWELL, Justin 
      • RAUNET, Françoise
      • BUCHANAN, Barbara
      • KOUTALIANOS, Anastasia
      • HARDWICK, Colleen (NPA)
      • NOBLE, Penny
      • LOW, Ken (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • ROBERTS, Anne (COPE)
      • CRELLIN, Breton (ProVancouver)
      • PETA, Franco (Coalition Vancouver)
      • ALM, Kelly
      • EVANS, Catherine (Vision Vancouver)
      • MIRZA, Raza (ProVancouver)
      • DOMINATO, Lisa (NPA)
      • BLIGH Rebecca (NPA)
      • KRISTIANSEN, Lisa (ProVancouver)
      • XIE, Jason (Coalition Vancouver)
      • SHUM, Erin
      • COOK, Graham
      • VIRDI, Jaspreet (YES Vancouver)
      • MUSSIO, Penny (Coalition Vancouver)
      • MIEDZYGORSKI, Herschel
      • HUGHES, Ashley
      • GOODRICH, Justin P (NPA)
      • EL-RAYES, Hamdy
      • QUIMPO, Jojo (NPA)
      • LIN, James (Coalition Vancouver)
      • PAZ, Tanya (Vision Vancouver)
      • BAINS Brinder (YES Vancouver)
      • MALUSA, John (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • TANG, Phyllis (YES Vancouver)
      • KIRBY-YUNG, Sarah (NPA)
      • GREWAL, David (NPA)
      • CHARKO, Ken (Coalition Vancouver)
      • GRANT, Wade
      • JOHL, Jesse (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • SWANSON, Jean (COPE)
      • SPIKE
      • PEROSA, Elishia (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • FALLS, Larry
      • BHANDAL, Taqdir Kaur
      • FU, Hsin-Chen
      • KENNEDY, Gordon T
      • MOLLINEAUX, Michelle (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • COPELAND, Cord "Ted"
      • BLYTH, Sarah
      • MCDOWELL, Rob
      • CARDONA, Diego (Vision Vancouver)
      • CHERNEN, Glen (Coalition Vancouver)
      • RAMDEEN, Katherine
      • O'KEEFE, Derrick (COPE)
      • LI, Morning (Coalition Vancouver)
      • PORTER, Elke
      • ZHANG, Wei Qiao (Vision Vancouver)
      • WONG, David HT (GREEN)
      • KHAN, Abubakar
      • YAN, Brandon 甄念本 (OneCity)
      • CARR, Adriane (GREEN)
      • OSTLER, Stephanie (YES Vancouver)
      • WIEBE, Michael (GREEN)
      • CHAN, Glynnis (YES Vancouver)
      • REZEL, Rohana (ProVancouver)
      • DEAL, Heather (Vision Vancouver) 

      Candidates for Park Commissioner

      (Seven to be elected) 

      • ZARUDINA, Olga (Coalition Vancouver)
      • DEMERS, David (GREEN)
      • BARKER, Tricia (NPA)
      • HAMILTON, Jamie Lee (IDEA Vancouver)
      • ROSSETTI, Massimo (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • NEMETZ, Steven L 
      • FUOCO, Chris (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • MALDONADO, Juan Carlos (Coalition Vancouver)
      • GALLOWAY, Jason (Coalition Vancouver)
      • SANGHA, Taran Kaur (Coalition Vancouver)
      • COUPAR, John (NPA)
      • MCGARRIGLE, Kathy (NPA)
      • HEBA, Leo (YES Vancouver)
      • RELPH, Cliff 
      • SIU, Winnie (Coalition Vancouver)
      • BEESLA, Pall (NPA)
      • CRAWFORD, Casey (NPA)
      • SHIVJI, Shamim (Vision Vancouver)
      • YEUNG, Jennifer (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • COPPING, Ann-Marie (NPA)
      • KAGIS, Matthew (Work Less Party)
      • HURLBUT, Rick (ProVancouver)
      • CUEVAS, Victor 
      • ZUBKO, Cameron (Vision Vancouver)
      • GIESBRECHT, Gwen (COPE)
      • JOHL, Yogi (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • IRWIN, John (COPE)
      • DUMONT, Camil (GREEN)
      • EDGELOW, Greg (ProVancouver)
      • HAUGEN, Margaret (IDEA Vancouver)
      • MACKINNON, Stuart (GREEN)
      • CHANG, Ray En-Jui (Coalition Vancouver)

      Candidates for School Trustee

      (Nine to be elected)

      • DESCÔTEAUX, Stéphanie (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • REDDY, Jennifer (OneCity)
      • KINDRID, Tiffiny (ProVancouver)
      • PRIETO, Julian (YES Vancouver)
      • GOODINE, Nadine C (Coalition Vancouver) 
      • FRASER, Janet (GREEN)
      • BERCIC, Carrie (OneCity)
      • RICHARDSON, Christopher JK (NPA)
      • ALM, Kelly
      • HANSON, Oliver (NPA)
      • GILL, Pratpal Kaur (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • GONZALEZ, Estrellita (GREEN)
      • KENNEDY, Gordon T
      • JAAF, Erica (OneCity)
      • QIU, Chris (NPA)
      • CHO, Carmen (NPA)
      • BARONET, Bruno (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • ANDERSON, BK Barbara (IDEA Vancouver)
      • PARROTT, Barb (COPE)
      • LEE, Marco (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • WOO, Sophia (Coalition Vancouver) 
      • LEUNG, Aaron (Vision Vancouver)
      • ZHOU, Ying (Coalition Vancouver) 
      • DENIKE Ken (Coalition Vancouver) 
      • WONG, Allan (Vision Vancouver)
      • DONG, Tony (VANCOUVER 1st)
      • CHAN-PEDLEY, Lois (GREEN)
      • BALLANTYNE, Fraser (NPA)
      • DAY, Diana (COPE)
      • ARNOLD, Erin (Vision Vancouver)
      • OGER, Morgane
      • FARROKHI, Fairnia