Shaughnessy Heights Property Owners' Association endorses NPA's Ken Sim for mayor

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      The NPA has long been the most popular civic party in Shaughnessy. But that doesn't mean all of its council candidates can count on the residents' support in this month's Vancouver election.

      The Shaughnessy Heights Property Owners' Association has endorsed the NPA's Ken Sim for mayor, but it has also thrown its support behind three Coalition Vancouver candidates and three Vancouver 1st candidates.

      Only four of the NPA's eight council nominees—Rebecca Bligh, Lisa Dominato, David Grewal, and Sarah Kirby-Yung—are recommended by the neighbourhood group's board of directors.

      Dominato is a Vancouver school trustee and Kirby-Yung is a park commissioner. Both are making their first runs for city council.

      Bligh is an executive coach whose clients have included Sim's Rosemary Rocksalt, Chip Wilson-founded lululemon athletica, the Wilson family's Kit + Ace, and Arc'teryx. Grewal is an energy entrepreneur and former chair of the Southlands Community Association.

      The only NPA incumbent seeking reelection to council, Melissa De Genova, was not recommended by the association's board.

      In 2015, De Genova voted in favour of a council motion designating First Shaughnessy as a heritage conservation area, which made it exceedingly difficult for anyone to obtain demolition permits for homes built before 1940.

      Residents argued that this unprecedented action by council would drive down the value of their homes.

      This council decree was one of several issues raised last month at a Shaughnessy Heights Property Owners' Association–hosted meeting of mayoral candidates.

      Watch how various mayoral candidates responded to Shaughnessy residents' concerns about their neighbourhood being designated as a heritage conservation area by city council.

      The neighbourhood group is also urging members to vote for Vancouver 1st council candidates Jesse Johl, Ken Low, and Elizabeth Taylor, as well as Coalition Vancouver council candidates Ken Charko, Glen Chernen, and Penny Mussio.

      Johl has had ties to the federal Conservatives in the past, whereas Low is a former federal Liberal and former NPA candidate. In 2014, Low came 14th in the race for council with 54,971 votes. Johl received 7,953 votes in 2014 as a council candidate with Vancouver 1st.

      This is Taylor's first run for council. She describes herself as a "senior financial analyst in the corporate world". Her Linkedin profile lists her employer as Rogers Communications.

      Charko, owner of the Dunbar Theatre, came 14th in 2011 as an NPA candidate for council, collecting more than 45,000 votes. He has ties to the federal Conservatives.

      Chernen ran for the NPA mayoral nomination, coming third. He was a Cedar party candidate for council in 2014, attracting 9,577 votes.

      Mussio is a businesswoman who owns the Nanaimo Clippers Junior A hockey team and the Delta Ice Hawks Junior B hockey team. This is her first run for city council.