Yes Vancouver mayoral candidate Hector Bremner seeks apology from Ken Sim for NPA board's conduct

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      Yes Vancouver mayoral candidate Hector Bremner posted the following statement on the party's Facebook page:

      Dear supporters,

      On the eve of the election, we have just received word from City Hall that all of the conflict of interest accusations made against me have been dismissed in their entirety by Mayor Robertson, upon the advice of Henry Wood.

      I would like to call on Ken Sim to apologize for the fact that these false allegations were used to clear the way for his NPA nomination for Mayor by denying me the right to run. This also meant that the 2000 people who joined the #LetsFixHousing campaign earlier this year were denied a voice until we launched our new party, YES Vancouver.

      For the past year, especially since being elected to council, our #LetsFixHousing campaign for middle class housing throughout our city has changed the dialogue on our housing crisis. People opposed to our plan chose to use these tactics to undermine our campaign rather than to engage in a respectful debate. This is the old way of playing politics, and people are fed up with it.

      We thank Mr. Wood for his thorough review of this matter.

      We, as a community, need to expect more from the conduct of those who seek public office and YES Vancouver offers a better way.