Coalition Vancouver's Morning Li gave $1,200 to NPA and now wants money back

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      Morning Li wants a refund.

      Li, who is a candidate for city council with Coalition Vancouver, contributed $1,200 to a rival party, the Non-Partisan Association.

      Now he says that he has asked the NPA to give the money back.

      Li’s name is in the list of NPA campaign donors, and he confirmed when reached for comment that the person was him.

      Li explained he used to be with the NPA.

      However, it later dawned on him that “they’re not good”.

      “I don’t want to support them anymore, so that’s the reason I left,” Li told the Georgia Straight in a phone interview Thursday (October 18).

      Li said that he decided to join Coalition Vancouver, the party led by mayoral aspirant Wai Young.

      Li also indicated that he considered other parties.

      “I talked to Vision…I talked to Fred,” he said, referring to Vision Vancouver and Vancouver 1st mayoral candidate Fred Harding, respectively.

      Asked if Young knows about his old $1,200 contribution to the NPA, Li said no.

      Li said that he has nothing to hide.

      According to Li, he has requested a reimbursement from the NPA through a phone call to party president Gregory Baker.

      “I did ask them, but they did not return to me yet,” he said.

      He has not written the NPA a letter, but according to Li, he might do it today.