Doug McCallum elected mayor of Surrey, defeating councillors Tom Gill and Bruce Hayne

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      Surrey First candidate Tom Gill learned tonight that he won't be the first Surrey mayor of South Asian ancestry.

      "It's been an honour and a pleasure to run with our group," Gill said.

      He has been a member of council for 13 years.

      The most recent results show McCallum with a 12,513-vote lead over Gill.

      In third place is Integrity Now candidate Bruce Hayne, who's 207 votes behind Gill.

      Hayne, a two-term councillor, split from Surrey First this year.

      Proudly Surrey's Pauline Greaves is well back in fourth place.

      McCallum's Safe Surrey Coalition has control of council, holding seven of the eight spots.

      Topping the council race is former B.C. Liberal cabinet minister Brenda Locke, followed by Newton neighbourhood activist Doug Elford.

      The only Surrey First candidate to crack the top eight and make it onto council is Linda Annis.

      McCallum was a three-term mayor before being defeated by Dianne Watts in 2005.

      He ran a populist campaign promising to deliver SkyTrain rather than light rail, which has been funded by the provincial and federal governments.

      In addition, McCallum promised to create a Surrey city police force.

      "We are a great city, a great international city, and you have elected a council to get your rights in all of the world," McCallum said.