Seth Rogen voice messages on SkyTrain will soon come to an end

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      The regional transportation authority has said that transit users will no longer hear Seth Rogen's voice on the rapid-transit system after Halloween night.

      But for fans of the comic actor, writer, and director, there is some good news.

      TransLink plans to release three new messages from Rogen before the fun comes to an end.

      Rogen has been offering friendly etiquette tips to passengers.

      He was hired to do this in the summer after the actor initially contracted, Morgan Freeman, found himself in the midst of a me-too controversy.

      So what are going to be Rogen's final announcements?

      "It's a surprise," TransLink says on its website. "A little bird tells us he talks about hipsters, Waterfront Station, and Hotel Vancouver.

      Next month, TransLink plans to release some outtakes online.

      Watch this video to learn how Seth Rogen became the voice of TransLink.