B.C. Liberals revive talk of making the province "the best place on earth" under Andrew Wilkinson

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      It's back to the future for the party that ruled British Columbia from 2001 to 2017.

      Today, I visited the B.C. Liberals' website to check out its new rebranding exercise.

      It's been all over the news this weekend after the leader, Andrew Wilkinson, delivered a speech at the party convention in Vancouver.

      Lo and behold, the first words that caught my eye on the website were not "Opportunity for all of BC", which is the new party slogan.

      Rather, it was the sub headline.

      It proudly declares that "Your BC Liberals" (since when did they become mine?) "are working to make British Columbia the best place in on earth [sic] to live, thrive and realize your full potential".

      The rebranding has officially begun on the B.C. Liberals' website.
      B.C. Liberals

      The Best Place on Earth is back, albeit with an extra preposition!

      This comes seven years after the Vancouver Sun reported that the B.C. Liberal government had ceased using its "Best Place on Earth" slogan.

      It previously appeared in TV advertisements and on letterhead, business cards, and web-based government propaganda during the Gordon Campbell era.

      Wilkinson was a deputy minister in the Campbell government.

      Once Christy Clark moved into the premier's office, the new watch words were "Canada Starts Here".

      The decision to dump the Best Place on Earth brand was welcomed by SFU's Centre for Tourism Policy and Research, Peter Williams. He told the Sun's Doug Ward in 2011 that the slogan was "presumptuous".

      It was a view shared by many British Columbians, particularly as it was used in the run-up to the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver and Whistler.

      The term "Best Place on Earth" also inspired the title of a far-reaching examination of poverty under the B.C. Liberals—Andrew MacLeod's award-winning book A Better Place on Earth.

      From a marketing perspective, the Wilkinson Liberals' new slogan of "Opportunity for all of BC"—and the talk of residents thriving and realizing their full potential—reinforces the quintessentially capitalist nature of his party.

      And bringing the "best place on earth" phrase back to the party website could be a sign that British Columbians will be in for more Campbell-style rule should Wilkinson ever become premier.

      In light of this, maybe it's time for some clever NDP spin doctors to revive the DeLorean Time Machine that Doc Emmett Brown so famously used to travel through the decades of Hill Valley history.

      Only this time, Premier John Horgan's party could transform Marty McFly into a prototypical B.C. voter reliving and observing the horrors of recent 21st-century B.C. Liberal history—all under a sunny banner proclaiming this as "The Best Place on Earth".