Vancouver councillor Colleen Hardwick seeks to undo mass rezoning of single-family neighbourhoods

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      Coun. Colleen Hardwick wants to overturn the last major and one of the most contentious decision by the previous Vision Vancouver-dominated city council.

      It involved the mass rezoning of 99 percent of all 68,000 lots zoned as single-family properties to allow duplexes.

      Hardwick has filed a motion to have the measure “referred to public hearing for reconsideration by Council at the earliest date possible”.

      According to her, there was “no meaningful public consultation” before the rezoning was sent to public hearing.

      Hardwick’s motion is included in the agenda of the first regular meeting of the new council on Tuesday (November 13).

      When the matter was considered in a public hearing in September, Hardwick, then a candidate for council with the Non-Partisan Association (NPA), signed up to speak.

      Addressing council, Hardwick said that the “sweeping” bylaw changes are being made without public consultation and community input.

      Describing it a “fundamentally flawed public process”, Hardwick told councillors that what they are going to do is “unconscionable”.

      “The truth is that the proposal benefits the property development industry,” Hardwick said. “Their motivation is clear: build more—make more money.”

      The rezoning was approved on a 7-4 vote on September 19.

      Councillors Adriane Carr of the Greens and Melissa De Genova of the NPA were among those who voted against the measure.

      Carr and De Genova were re-elected on October 20 this year. Hardwick, for her part, won her first term in council.

      In her motion, Hardwick noted that there was “significant public opposition” to the massive rezoning at the public hearing on September 18 and September 19.

      “These amendments were implemented immediately before, during and after where most of the then council members were not seeking re-election in the civic election October 20, 2018,” according to Hardwick.