Vancouver Learning Network has created a school schedule that fits with your life

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      Since 1990, Vancouver Learning Network (VLN) has provided a high-quality, comprehensive, flexible, and engaging education program that offers an alternative to traditional in-person learning. There are more than 90 online courses that span a variety of secondary studies and are ideal for students with a wide range of needs.

      There are many reasons why students might find online learning a better fit. Some take one or two online courses as part of a graduation plan, while others are looking to upgrade a mark or jump ahead in their studies. Elite athletes or performers, for example, may benefit from a less rigid school schedule.

      Students work with VLN teachers and counsellors to create a personalized learning and/or course plan to establish individual timelines and goals. Sometimes a desired course simply isn’t offered or won’t fit into a student’s schedule.

      Available to B.C. students, all courses are approved by the B.C. Ministry of Education and taught by Vancouver School Board (VSB) teachers who are readily available to help and support students with their learning. Tuition is free for school-aged B.C. residents. As part of the VSB, VLN courses can be used toward a B.C. Dogwood or Adult Graduation Certificate. And with continuous enrollment, you can easily sign up for most courses online, at any time.

      For information, a list of courses, or to sign up, visit

      Watch this video to learn more about the Vancouver Learning Network.