U.S. President Donald Trump on his decision-making process: "I don't think about it"

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      When Donald Trump was interviewed by Fox News's token liberal Chris Wallace on the weekend, he confirmed what many people have long suspected. Asked by Wallace how much work he puts into making major decisions that will affect the course of the country, the U.S. president said, essentially, none.

      In the below clip from Fox News Sunday, Trump tells Wallace:

      I don’t think about it. I don’t think about, you know, how I make 'em. I make what I consider the right decision, I have great people working at the White House, they don’t get enough credit. I have some tremendously talented people and I will talk to them and sometimes I’ll have them go at each other, I do like that, you know let them go at each other. And they do. They’ve very competitive people and at the end I make a decision and it’s certainly—on the economy, a lot of things we’ve been—we’ve made a lot of good decisions and I want to keep it that way. 

      The president's avowed confidence in the "tremendously talented people" working for him is ironic, considering that the Trump White House has had a record-setting staff turnover rate. According to an Associated Press report this past July, Trump saw staff turnover in excess of 37 percent over the calendar year ending June 30, with 141 staffers who worked for the president at that point last year gone and replaced by 138 new arrivals. In addition, 61 percent of Trump's most senior aides had left the White House by the time of the AP report. (Several more have departed since then. The Brookings Institution has been tracking the turnover rate among Trump's senior-level aides, and you can see the numbers here.)

      Watch Wallace's full interview with Trump on Fox News's YouTube channel.