Earthquake strikes offshore from northern end of Vancouver Island

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      The past few days have been particularly seismically active in British Columbia and Alaska.

      After earthquakes shook northern B.C. and Anchorage, a light earthquake occurred at 11:33 p.m. on November 30 in a seismically active region offshore from the northern tip of Vancouver Island.

      The epicentre was located 146 kilometres (91 miles) west of Port Alice, 273 kilometres (169 miles) west of Tofino, and 467 kilometres (290 miles) west of Vancouver, with a depth of 10 kilometres (6 miles).

      Earthquakes Canada measured it as a 4.5-magnitude tremblor while the U.S. Geological Survey recorded it as a 4.7-magnitude quake.

      According to Earthquakes Canada, there were no reports of damage, none are expected, and a tsunami is not expected.

      The U.S. Geological Survey recorded a 4.7-magnitude quake offshore from Vancouver Island on November 30.

      A series of earthquakes recently occurred in the region, starting on October 21 and ranging in magnitude from 4.3 to 6.8.

      Then on November 1, a 4.9-magnitude quake occurred southwest of Port Hardy.

      Meanwhile, other more recent earthquakes have taken place in B.C. and Alaska.

      On November 29, Earthquakes Canada recorded a 4.5-magnitude quake between Fort St. John and the Alberta border, followed by aftershocks, including one registering as 4.0-magnitude.

      A Geological Suvery of Canada scientist was reported stating that there is a very high likelihood that these quakes were related to fracking activity. Earthquakes Canada is working with the B.C. Oil and Gas Commission to determine any connections between any operations in the region and the seismic activity.

      The strongest and most damaging of all of these seismic events occurred on November 30 when a 7.0-magnitude quake struck near Anchorage, Alaska, followed by a series of aftershocks. The powerful quake caused significant damage to infrastructure and shook buildings.

      A tsunami warning had been issued for southern Alaska but was later cancelled.

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