Trump critic Kurt Eichenwald delves into gory details of Michael Cohen sentencing document

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      Back in August when the Trump Organization's chief financial officer received immunity, I speculated that it it might be part of a plan to document the extent of Russian money that flowed into the U.S. president's company.

      But today in a lengthy tweetstorm by author Kurt Eichenwald suggests that special counsel Robert Mueller's deal with Allen Weisselberg is more likely linked to a series of payments that flowed from the Trump Organization to Trump's former lawyer, Michael Cohen.

      Eichenwald reported on corporate crime for 20 years at the New York Times.

      His tweetstorm was in response to the government's sentencing memorandum on Cohen, which was made public today.

      Near the end of his analysis, Eichenwald suggests that if Weisselberg testified that Trump knew about a second series of payments, that's "the end of his presidency".

      Or at least it would be "in a normal country", he added.

      Check it out below.

      Then, Eichenwald added this rejoinder to those who think that Trump has been "cleared".