Flooding shuts down SkyTrain service at Columbia Station

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      Heavy rains are creating delays for lots of transit passengers.

      According to TransLink, flooding has shut down SkyTrain service at Columbia Station in New Westminster.

      It connects the Millennium Line with the Expo Line.

      Passengers who want to ride the Millennium Line can use a bus bridge connecting New Westminster and Braid stations.

      Those who want to ride the Expo Line will have to rely on a bus bridge linking New Westminster and Scott Road stations.

      The Millennium Line and Canada Line are not affected by this situation.

      "We thank our passengers for their patience and apologize for this inconvenience," TransLink said in a statement.


      At 4:37 p.m., TransLink announced that the SkyTrain has resumed full service on the Expo Line.

      "We will continue operating the bus bridges to provide customers with alternate options until crowding is resolved," the media relations department said in a statement. "It will take some time for trains to return to normal spacing and frequency."