ESPN's Keith Olbermann wonders why Shorty and Garrett aren't covering Canucks games most Saturday nights

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      Keith Olbermann is loved by many liberal-minded Americans for for his frequent attacks on right wingers when he hosted a weeknight commentary show on NBC.

      But the political junkies out there might not be aware that he's also a long-time sports broadcaster and now works for ESPN.

      And this weekend, Olbermann is receiving lot of thumbs up from Canucks fans for a tweet about fellow sports broadcasters John Shorthouse and John Garrett.

      "No offense to anybody else involved (and I'm biased because he's become a friend) but it perplexes me endlessly why @hockeynight benches its best, most entertaining announce team—John Shorthouse and @SNJohnGarrett—for many Saturday #Canucks games," Olbermann tweeted to his 1.1 million followers. "They are outstanding and fun."

      Olbermann's not the first to question the management decisions at Hockey Night in Canada.

      Georgia Straight music editor Mike Usinger—a frequently heartbroken Canucks fan—has been railing for years about Craig Simpson doing colour commentary of Canucks games.

      Usinger has been so turned off by HNIC's English-language announcing that on occasion, he switches to Punjabi broadcaster Harnarayan Singh's electrifying play-by-play coverage.

      And no, Usinger doesn't speak a word of Punjabi—he just thinks that the guys in the booth (including, until this year, Vancouver's Bhupinder Hundal) have a hell of a lot more fun than those buttoned-down anglos.

      "The broadcast team, which has over 10,000 followers on Twitter, has become an adrenalized go-to for those who find Jim Hughson and Craig Simpson about as exciting as a Nyquiled Perry Como reading from the White Pages," Usinger wrote back in 2011.

      Besides that, Simpson never shuts up, according to Usinger.