NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh demands that Justin Trudeau order by-elections, including in Burnaby South

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      Fifteen months after being elected leader of the federal New Democrats, Jagmeet Singh still doesn't have a seat in Parliament.

      And he's urging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to call by-elections immediately across the country, including in Burnaby South, where Singh hopes to succeed Kennedy Stewart as MP.

      “The people of Burnaby South deserve a voice in Ottawa as they face some of the highest housing costs, skyrocketing medical fees, and deep concern for their own future and the future of the environment,” Singh said in a news release. “It’s clear Mr. Trudeau isn’t acting on the best interest of the people of Burnaby but rather he’s focused on the best interest of his own political party.”

      Trudeau's office said in November that by-elections would be held in early February in Burnaby South, Outremont, and York Simcoe.

      But with a 35-day campaign period, it's looking like the prime minister's self-imposed deadline won't be met unless he makes an announcement soon.

      According to Singh, the prime minister's dilly-dallying means that 300,000 Canadians are being denied a voice in the House of Commons. 

      “Having an elected representative is a bedrock of our democracy,” Singh said. “When there is already so much disappointment in the Trudeau government for failing to deliver on the progressive platform they were elected on, this pokes them right in the eye.”

      The Liberals have nominated daycare operator Karen Wang and the Conservatives have nominated lawyer Jay Shin in Burnaby South.