Vancouver city council will debate motion on efforts it can take to combat money laundering

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      An NPA politician is seeking council's approval to direct staff to investigate whether the city can take a more proactive role in addressing some forms of criminal behaviour.

      Melissa De Genova's notice of motion calls on staff to review certain powers under the Vancouver Charter, including whether the city can "require voluntary stringent financial reporting" from enterprises and individuals paying taxes or fees.

      This would be in connection with businesses or property ownership "that are more likely to attract money laundering and/or organized crime".

      Melissa De Genova's notice of motion also seeks council's approval to ask staff to determine if this financial reporting, including audited financial statements, could be shared with senior levels of government and police agencies.

      It's scheduled to go before council on Tuesday (January 15).

      The preamble to the motion points out that the Dirty Money report by former deputy RCMP commissioner Peter German concluded that more than $100 million has been laundered through B.C. casinos.

      However, CBC News reported today that a secret internal report subbested that up to $1 billion may have been washed through casinos in this province.

      This figure is based on a report by the provincial gaming policy enforcement branch investigation division in 2013.

      A follow-up report claimed that "suspicious currency transactions" would top $185 million in 2014–15, according to CBC News.