What do we think of Thatcher Demko’s new Vancouver Canucks pads?

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      Whenever a new goalie gets moved to a new team, the first fun thing for fans to do is figure out how the ‘tender fits into the new squad. The second is getting a look at him in his new gear.

      For Thatcher Demko and the Vancouver Canucks, the former is obvious. The Canucks might be a new team for the rookie, as he’s played all of games this year in Utica of the AHL, but this is not a new organization for him. It’s also clear where he fits within the team: he’s going to serve as Jacob Markstrom’s backup for the majority of this season—especially if Marky keeps up the sparkling numbers—while he works on his game at the pro level.

      The latter was revealed today, and it looks like Demko will be rocking something of a traditional look. We don’t know whether his mask will get another update, as he’s gone through a few looks with goalie mask guru David Gunnarsson, but the pads are, shall we say, kinda sick.

      Apparently, a past set of Utica president and former NHL ‘tender Robert Esche’s pads were used as inspiration for the look, which was created by Kingsville, Ontario-based Brian’s Custom Sports

      A sweet design that also pays homage to someone you respect? That’s a nice move by the rookie.

      What do you think about Demko's new gear? Let us know in the comments. 

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