Read the statement of deputy sergeant-at-arms about removal of truckload of liquor from B.C. legislature

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      This week, media outlets have devoted enormous attention to a blistering 76-page report by Speaker Darryl Plecas, alleging spending irregularities at the B.C. legislature.

      For those interested in drilling more deeply into this scandal, there are also 31 exhibits to Plecas's report posted on the legislative assembly's website.

      For example, here you'll find correspondence between Plecas and the clerk of the legislature, Craig James, in which Plecas takes away a retirement benefit.

      One of the more intriguing exhibits is a signed statement by the deputy sergeant-at-arms, Randall Patrick Ennis, made on May 28, 2018.

      It concerns a truckload of liquor that was allegedly taken from the legislative precinct.

      According to Plecas's report, this alcohol, valued at up to $10,000, was rumoured to have been sent to the home of a former speaker, Bill Barisoff.

      However, Barisoff told the Penticton Herald this week that he never received $10,000 worth of alcohol.

      "The fact the reports suggest that I had received $10,000 worth of alcohol delivered to my house is troubling when it didn’t happen," he insisted.

      None of the allegations in Plecas's report have been tested in a court of law.

      The clerk, Craig James, and the sergeant-at-arms, Gary Lenz, have vehemently denied any wrongdoing and have objected to not being allowed to answer the allegations in Plecas's report.

      With that in mind, Ennis's statement is reproduced below:

      "I am the Deputy Sgt-at-Arms and Inspector for the Legislative Assembly Protective Services, appointed as a Special Provincial Constable under Section 9 of the Police Act, R.S.B.C. 1988, c 53.

      "On May the 28th 2018, I was on duty and in uniform on the Legislative Precinct, acting under the direction and authority of the Sergeant-At-Arms of the Legislative Assembly at the Parliament Buildings and its grounds in Victoria British Columbia.


      "At 1630 hrs, 28 May 2018, I was advised by the Sgt-at-Arms (Gary Lenz) to attend the Speaker's office to meet Speaker Plecas. Upon arrival and during a subsequent conversation, Speaker Plecas requested me to provide any knowledge I had regarding alcohol that had been purchased for Legislative Assembly conferences in 2013.

      "I advised Speaker Plecas that prior to the conferences, the Sgt-at-Arms (Gary Lenz) had talked me to attend the BC Liquor distribution branch warehouse located at 2219 Government Street, Victoria and pick up a pre-arranged order of alcohol products for the Legislative Assembly, the details of which were provided by the Clerk's office.

      "Upon receiving the alcohol order which consisted of cases of beer (Domestic and Imported) and cases of several different types of hard alcohol (exact quantities unrecalled), however I do recall the order was on two wooden pallets and large enough to completely fill the cargo bed of the LFS white Chevrolet pick-up truck, I then signed a receipt from the Liquor distribution branch as having received the order.

      "Upon returning to the Legislative Precinct the alcohol was taken and secured/stored in the Clerk's basement vault by myself and a copy of the receipt was given to the Clerk's office (Jennifer Horvath) for their records. To the best of my knowledge there was no inventory taken of the alcohol.

      "Shortly after the second conference in 2013, I had been informed by the Sgt-at-Arms (Gary Lenz) and LFS Facilities Manager (Surjit Dhanota) that they had been instructed by the Clerk (Craig James) to make arrangements to load the Clerk's personally owned motor vehicle (POMV) pick up truck with cases of beer and boxes of bottled alcohol, along with a Legislative Chamber desk and an old style leather Chamber chair. Both the Sgt-at-Arms (Gary Lenz) and Surjit related that three LFS employees (Sam Janjua, Mark Williams and Rod Palatzake) are the individuals that actually carried out the loading of the aforementioned items into the Clerk's pick up truck.

      "In June of 2014, the Sgt-at-Arms (Gary Lenz) requested that I attend the Clerk's vault and gather any alcohol left over the Clerk's conferences so it could be used at the 2014 Sgt-at-Arms conferences. I obtained all of which was present - one box (approximately 12 bottles) of different types of alcohol.

      "Regarding the alcohol loaded into the Clerk's POMV, I am not exactly aware of where it was being transported to, however it was rumored it went to the former Speaker (Bill Barisoff's) personal residence in Oliver BC along with the aforementioned desk and chair.

      "R. Ennis



      After Gary Lenz was placed on paid administrative leave in November, Randall Patrick Ennis was appointed as acting sergeant-at-arms at the B.C. legislature.