Violent sex offender with history of predatory attacks fails to return to Vancouver halfway house—again

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      Vancouver police are on the lookout for a four-time federal offender who's been released from prison on a long-term supervision order.

      Joseph Davis, 47, was supposed to return to his Vancouver halfway house last night but failed to show up.

      He was last convicted of sexual assault and sentenced to four years in jail following an attack on a real estate agent.

      Davis invited her to his home under a false name, claiming that he wanted to sell the property.

      In April 2017, Davis fled a Vancouver halfway house and was arrested in Saskatchewan.

      He's 5'8" and weights 178 pounds with short blond hair and blue eyes. His arms have many tattoos and he was last seen in blue jeans, work boots, and a black rain jacket and carrying a small backpack.

      A career criminal, Davis also committed assault causing bodily harm and forcible confinement against a sex worker in 2001.

      The Winnipeg Free Press reported in 2012 that the Crown didn't succeed in its attempt to have Davis designated as a dangerous offender, which would have allowed an indeterminate sentence of imprisonment.

      "Davis has a disturbing history of planned, predatory attacks across Canada, and prosecutors argued he continues to pose an extreme risk to the public and should be locked up with no exit date in sight," wrote journalist Mike McIntyre.

      The judge at the time, Chris Martin, decided instead to designate Davis as a "long-term offender". This ensured that Davis would undergo 10 years of community supervision.

      According to McIntyre's story, Davis had 86 prior convictions over 20 years in almost every province. He was described by the judge as a masterful manipulator "who appears drawn to vulnerable women".


      On February 17, Joseph Davis was arrested in Quebec.