Part of Stanley Park seawall still closed due to hazardous ice

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      Stanley Park's famed seawall is still closed between Siwash Rock and the Lions Gate Bridge because of the danger posed by falling ice.

      The park board announced on Twitter on February 13 the continuation of the closure first announced the day before "due to the risk of ice breaking off the rock face onto the path".

      Vancouver Park Board

      The closure applies to all traffic, meaning pedestrians, cyclists, and inline skaters.

      The stretch of seawall between Siwash Rock and Prospect Point, both of which are volcanic-rock features, is bordered on the park side by an almost-vertical, mainly sandstone cliff 10 metres high or more.

      The board has also warned Vancouverites to stay off the ice at all ponds and lakes in the city because of thin-ice conditions. Lifeguards have been posted to warn those who may venture out on the unsafe surfaces.

      Vancouver Park Board