Independent Contractors and Businesses Association wins major award for its campaigns to influence public policy

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      The Independent Contractors and Businesses Association of B.C. has long been the bane of B.C.'s labour movement.

      That's because of its relentless advocacy for the nonunionized construction sector.

      The ICBA has also sometimes been quick to challenge government policies that promote the interests of the B.C. and Yukon Territory Building and Construction Trades Council.

      In addition, the ICBA has also ticked off the environmental movement with its support for major infrastructure projects, such as the $10.7-billion Site C dam and the $9.3-billion Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion.

      But south of the border, the ICBA's work is being applauded.

      In fact, it was recently named the 2019 North American Trade Association of the Year.

      This came as it picked up six Reed Awards in Austin, Texas. They're named after Campaigns & Elections magazine founder and inventor Stanley Foster Reed.

      According to ICBA president Chris Gardner, the awards reflect his organization's "willingness to fearlessly speak out on policy issues consistently".

      Among the honours was the Overall Best Web Video—Public Affairs for its "Big Gas" ad.

      It showed how the association employs humour to win support for its initiatives.

      Watch the ICBA video promoting lower gas taxes and more pipelines.

      “Our communications and advocacy work stands with the best in North America and we will continue to strongly, articulately, creatively, and passionately make the case for a strong economy and our members’ issues,” ICBA vice president of communications Jordan Bateman said in one of his group's news releases.

      That's the same Jordan Bateman who used to be B.C. director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation. It irritated public-transit advocates by leading a campaign to defeat the 2015 Metro Vancouver transit and transportation plebiscite.

      But hey, you can't question Bateman's abilities as a communicator.