Addition proposed for formerly rumoured haunted home in Vancouver’s Kitsilano Point

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      An application has been filed to build an addition to a more than century old home in Vancouver.

      The single-family home is located in the well-to-do enclave of Kitsilano Point.

      Built in 1911, the 2006 Whyte Avenue property is listed in the Vancouver Heritage Register.

      A 2008 tour guidebook by the Vancouver Heritage Foundation related that the first resident, Charles Noble Bell, lived in the house until 1913 when lawyer William Stuart Lane moved in.

      “Interestingly, his firm Bodwell Lawson & Lane had their offices in the Standard Building at Richards & West Hastings, the same building that now houses the Vancouver Heritage Foundation office,” according to the guide.

      It went on to note that from 1920 until 2002 “when the current owners purchased the house, occupants included a watchmaker, a Royal Canadian Legion Secretary, an office clerk, and a UBC Psychiatry Professor”.

      The 2008 guide book took note of the home’s supposedly spooky history.

      “Rumour has it that the home also keeps a resident ghost that scared away the previous owners, but it must be happy now, as the house has been peaceful since the arrival of the current owner,” according to the guide.

      A 2016 listing by the Faith Wilson Group offered the property for more than $3.6 million.

      It was reportedly bought above $4 million.

      Terra Firma Design Ltd. filed a development application for a 630-square-foot, three-storey rear addition to the heritage home.

      The project also involves replacing the existing rear deck as well as a new rooftop deck.

      According to Terra Firma Design, the roof deck will be “set within the rear roof form to avoid overlook to the neighbors but allows some views of the water and mountains to the west”.

      The proposed development will be presented to the Vancouver Heritage Commission in a meeting Monday (March 11).