Vancouver man in critical condition after being rescued from garbage bin

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      There's been yet another crisis brought on by an outdoor bin.

      This morning, CBC News has reported that a man is in critical condition in hospital after he became stuck in a garbage container behind a Value Village store in East Vancouver.

      According to the public broadcaster, he was rescued by emergency responders as another man was inside.

      It's the latest in a growing list of serious incidents involving large outdoor boxes.

      In January, a 34-year-old man could not be resuscitated after he was discovered caught in a donation bin in West Vancouver.

      Less than a week later, a woman died from the same cause in Toronto. According to Global News, this was the eighth such death in Canada since 2015. Five of those fatalities were in B.C.

      Following the death in West Vancouver, the City of Vancouver announced that about 90 percent of the 100 donation bins on street right-of-ways had been taken away.

      "Any remaining bins will be removed in early 2019," the city stated on its website.

      (The original news story described the container as a "donation bin".)