Rachel Notley calls Alberta election after rival Jason Kenney whacked by two damaging news stories

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      It's been a dreadful week so far for Alberta politician Jason Kenney—and it's only Tuesday.

      His so-called star United Conservative Party candidate in Calgary–Mountain View, Caylan Ford, withdrew last night.

      This came after the left-wing news site Press Progress quoted a two-year-old comment by her on Facebook: "I am somehow saddened by the demographic replacement of white peoples in their homelands."

      The quote was particularly damaging to the Oxford-educated former politician in the wake of a white supremacist's mass shootings at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.

      Today, Alberta premier Notley called a provincial election on April 16.

      Ford's withdrawal isn't the only setback for the UCP.

      On the weekend, CBC News revealed that Kenney had colluded with a fellow leadership candidate against his chief opponent in his party's 2017 leadership campaign.

      Kenney has denied any wrongdoing, but that hasn't stopped the RCMP from looking into the matter.

      Meanwhile, Notley has accused him of being a liar. 

      Jason Kenney visited Vancouver periodically when he was a minister in Stephen Harper's government.
      Stephen Hui

      According to CBC, documents leave the impression that "Kenney's team directed the campaign of a rival leadership candidate Jeff Callaway as Callaway attacked and criticized Kenney's main rival Brian Jean."

      Kenney was a senior cabinet minister in the last Conservative federal government.

      He was widely expected to cruise to victory in the Alberta provincial campaign, but the latest revelations have given Notley's NDP some momentum.