Spitting attacks on pedestrians in Downtown Vancouver: three additional victims sought

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      A man who spat at several people in Downtown Vancouver on the weekend has been arrested and charged but police are seeking to speak with several of his victims.

      According to the Vancouver Police Department, a male suspect allegedly spat in the face of a 19-year-old woman in a wheelchair after 9 a.m. on March 17.

      After the assault, video surveillance captured a male suspect walking along the east sidewalk of Granville Street towards West Georgia Street where he appeared to spit on the chest of an elderly male pedestrian who was walking by him.

      When the suspect arrived at the southeast corner of Granville and West Georgia, he appeared to spit on two women walking past him.

      As these three additional victims of these random assaults did not contact police, investigators are seeking to speak with them as their information may be crucial to their investigation, which is ongoing.

      Vancouver Police Department’s Sgt. Jason Robillard stated at a press conference that the attacks were unprovoked and the motivation is unclear.

      Police arrested 28-year-old Vancouver resident Daniel Bielewcz, who has been charged with assault and is in custody.

      Granville Street at West Georgia
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