Two Ontario suspects arrested after jewellery thefts from elderly women in South Vancouver

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      After several reports of jewellery being stolen from elderly women in Vancouver, police have arrested two suspects.

      On March 22, the Vancouver Police Department announced that six distraction thefts had taken place in South Vancouver on March 20 and 21.

      In the last reported theft on March 22, a female suspect approached an 84-year-old woman near East 43rd Avenue and Lancaster Street.

      The suspect moved into the woman’s personal space, placed inexpensive jewellery around her neck while allegedly stealing her valuable necklace.

      Then the suspect got into a vehicle waiting for her and left.

      After police were called, officers, with the assistance of information from witnesses, arrested the suspects within 25 minutes of the theft.

      Both 41-year-old Elena Ghiocel and 31-year-old Constantin Miclescu, who are residents of Scarborough, Ontario, are facing charges of theft and possession of stolen property.

      A third person who was also arrested at the same time has been released pending further investigation.

      Any other victims are encouraged to contact the Vancouver Police Department.

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