Martyn Brown: Holy crap, Canada, JWR recorded a “heritage moment”

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      CBC has reported that Jody Wilson-Raybould “recorded at least one of the contentious conversations at the heart of the SNC-Lavalin affair.”

      Which recording that might be, is unclear, although speculation is that it could be the former justice minister's December 18th conversation with outgoing Privy Council clerk, Michael Wernick.

      “The audio recording, or a transcript of it, is expected to be part of a new submission to the committee from Wilson-Raybould to be released later today. That submission also includes a written statement, emails and text messages,” CBC reported.

      I say, it better bloody well be the actual recording that is released, and not just a transcript, if the CBC’s information is correct.

      Canadians deserve and demand to hear how the conversation in question actually went, not just to read the words that were expressed.

      We need to hear the inflections in people’s voices, the urgency in their appeals and their responses, and the tone used in communicating their respective messages.

      Perhaps now we all know what Michael Wernick may have suspected in his infamous comment to the Commons justice committee that he didn’t record his conversation and that he “wasn’t wearing a wire”.

      Already the rear-guard attack on Puglaas has started by Trudeau’s agents and defenders on social media who are trying very hard to suggest that JWR may have broken law society requirements prohibiting surreptitious recordings of conversations.

      Yet, if she did record a conversation, we don’t yet know if she did advise the person she was speaking to of that and obtained his or her consent.

      More importantly, JWR was under siege by everyone from the prime minister to his most senior officials to do something that she thought was grossly inappropriate and quite possibly illegal.

      Feeling that she was also being pressured with veiled threats, which she testified that she now believes ultimately materialized in her firing as attorney general, why in God’s name would she NOT want to record any evidence of that inappropriate pressure brought to bear on her in upholding her prosecutorial independence?

      Holy crap, Canada, we’re about to get a “heritage moment” for the ages.

      Very shortly all the world will learn a thing or two about who has really been telling the truth in the LavScam scandal.


      The tape has been posted on the Commons justice committee web page.

      Below, you can listen to the phone call between Jody Wilson-Raybould and Michael Wernick.