Dozens of animal-rights activists hold demonstration at Abbotsford hog farm

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      They came by the busload, all wearing the same black T-shirt with the words "MEAT THE VICTIMS".

      More than 100 demonstrators stood in lines on both sides of the road leading into the Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford.

      They carried signs declaring that this was a peaceful protest.

      Another 65 went onto the property at 33133 Harris Road.

      After Abbotsford police officers showed up, the action ended a few hours later.

      One person was arrested. According to CBC News, police will conduct an investigation into whether others committed mischief, break-and-enter, or trespassing.

      Supporters of Excelsior also showed up and held a counterdemonstration. And the owner of the farm allowed the media to film pigs inside the facility.

      Similar protests have been held in other parts of the world.

      The protest came five days after People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals posted a video on YouTube that allegedly showed grim conditions for the animals at the farm.

      PETA released this video last week.

      After the images were released, the B.C. Pork Producers Association issued a statement.

      "The video was taken by a trespasser at night, it has been edited and lacks context and understanding, but some of the scenes are of concern," BCPPA director Chad Goertzen said. "As soon as we saw the video, B.C. Pork arranged for a swine veterinarian to visit the farm to ensure national standards were continuing to be met."