Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy names Gregor Robertson its new global ambassador

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      Former Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson spent a lot of his 10 years in office preparing the city for climate change and working to minimize residents’ collective carbon footprint.

      From bike lanes to building codes, Robertson and his Vision Vancouver councillors were always talking about how they wanted to make Vancouver the world’s “greenest city”.

      Robertson left local politics in 2018 but today (May 6) revealed he’s still thinking about the dire effects that climate change has begun to unleash on the planet.

      The Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCMCE), a group with representatives from more than 9,200 cities on six continents, has named Robertson its latest global ambassador.

      “A proven leader on urban climate action, Gregor Robertson demonstrated climate leadership throughout his mandate as Mayor of Vancouver, creating the city’s Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, an award-winning environmental plan set out to make Vancouver a leader in sustainability and greenest city in the world,” reads a GCMCE media release. “By tackling the issues of energy efficiency, waste reduction, clean water and air, and by mainstreaming local food and the green economy, Vancouver now has the smallest carbon footprint per person in North America.”

      It states there that Robertson’s job will include enhancing collaboration and research among the organization’s thousands of member cities, as well as engaging national governments to gain their support for research and innovation.

      The GCMCE’s executive director, Amanda Eichel, is quoted in the release describing Robertson as a “natural choice”.

      “He is familiar with the complex challenges faced by mayors across the world that are fighting climate change on a city level, and even more familiar still with the pressing need for investment and innovation,” she says.