Five motorcycles impounded for excessive speeding in West Vancouver amid B.C. high-risk driving awareness campaign

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      A group of motorcyclists are without their rides after being caught speeding, just as a provincial campaign has been launched to raise awareness about fatalities caused by speeding.

      The West Vancouver Police Department announced today (May 8) that on April 28, a traffic officer using a radar detector found that five motorcycles heading southbound in the 7600 block of Highway 99 north of Horseshoe Bay were travelling at a rate of 135 kilometres (84 miles) per hour.

      Officers stopped the motorcycles and issued them violation tickets for excessive speed with fines of $368. Also, all five motorcycles have been impounded for seven days.

      ICBC, the B.C. government, and police launched a high-risk driving campaign this month to raise awareness about the impact of speeding.

      According to ICBC, an average of 26 people in the Lower Mainland and 82 people in B.C. are killed each year from speed-related crashes.

      ICBC states that if a pedestrian is hit by a passenger vehicle at 40 kilometres (25 miles) per hour, the pedestrian is a 90 percent chance of survival. However, if the collision occurs at 80 kilometres (50 miles) per hour, that survival rate plummets to 50 percent.

      More information about speeding and road safety is available at the ICBC website