March for reproductive rights to wind through downtown Vancouver on Saturday, June 15 (CANCELLED)

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      Note: The My Body, My Choice March for Reproductive Justice has been cancelled due to a scheduling conflict with the use of the Vancouver Art Gallery Area. For more information, please see


      This Saturday (June 15), March On Vancouver will host the pro-choice My Body, My Choice March for Reproductive Justice in downtown Vancouver.

      An effort to counter the recent uprising of anti-choice legislation in the United States, the event will begin at the Vancouver Art Gallery at 10 a.m.

      In a press release, organizers stated, “We have seen a rise of dog-whistle actions by right-wing groups and politicians that are starting to erode the idea that abortion is off the negotiation table. We recently witnessed the Conservative Party staying seated while Prime Minister Trudeau reiterated his promise to never open up access to safe abortion for debate. That direct display is exactly why we clearly need to send the message that our rights are not negotiable… This will be a peaceful march that will highlight that anyone who needs safe access to abortion deserves it as a basic human right.”

      During the event, March On Vancouver will be coordinating with Options for Sexual Health (formerly Planned Parenthood) to provide a safe space to learn about available reproductive health options. Several speakers active in the field of reproductive justicewill be featured as well.

      The gathering will also see March On Vancouver’s first Period Promise event, which will offer on-site available period products along with a donation area for products to be distributed to women's shelters.